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Staff selection.

squad7 posted Oct 17, 15

Myself and Cold have gone over the staff applications and will be making the final decisions soon.

Remember that there is a lot of applicants and we can only choose very few, even if you don't get chosen off the bat your staff application is not OFFICALLY denied, it will be taken into consideration at a later day when the positions will be open again.

I will be commenting on some of them suggesting that they resubmit for next time round. If you would like to resubmit after the first few have been chosen contact Cold or myself.

I will notify you all when they are chosen.

Edit: We have just informed that we are doing a fortnightly hire, fire and promote for staff positions.

Edit: Staff applications are ALWAYS open, they will be reviewed and follow the process above.

1Money How will the new staff be announced? and how many places do you have open? -Money


We are debating the commands /fix all and /fix hand in Donator ranks and we haven't come to a final decision so we need your guys help/opinions here..

Here are your options:- 

Option 1:
Immortal ($150) - /fix all (24 hour cooldown)

King ($100) - /fix all (48 hour cooldown)

Option 2:

Immortal ($150) - /fix all (72 hour cooldown)

King ($100) - /fix all (1 week cooldown)

Titan ($75) - /fix hand (12 hour cooldown)

Legend ($50) - /fix hand (24 hour cooldown)

Option 3:

Immortal ($150) - /fix all (1 week cooldown)

King ($100) - /fix hand (6 hour cooldown) (or 3 hour comment if you would prefer that)

Titan ($75) - /fix hand (12 hour cooldown) (or 6 ^)

Legend ($50) - /fix hand (24 hour cooldown) (or 12 ^^)

Option 4:

Immortal ($150) - /fix hand (6 hour cooldown)

King ($100) - /fix hand (12 hour cooldown)

Titan ($75) - /fix hand (18 hour cooldown)

Legend ($50) - /fix hand (24 hour cooldown)

Option 5:

Immortal ($150) - /fix hand (3 hour cooldown)

King ($100) - /fix hand (6 hour cooldown)

Titan ($75) - /fix hand (12 hour cooldown)

Legend ($50) - /fix hand (24 hour cooldown)

Things you have to take into consideration:

  • Immortal will be getting the best armour, meaning if they can repair it all at once, its kind of unfair and there will be heaps of it.
  • Armour will be everywhere, and never die. Also it will not become such a "luxury" and valuable to have.
  • Players will be running out of fights when there armour is about to break because they know that they can just get it repaired by themselves or there Immortal mate.
  • 36 slots are in an inventory, this means you can fit 9 pairs of armour in there.
  • It will make the MCMMO skill Repair obsolete.
  • Immortal did also pay $150, so that is to take into consideration.

If you think you have a small tweak to one of them to make it better, leave it down below.

This post will be taken down in 2 days.



1Money How much time before its decided? -Money
UnevenPvP i like option 5

Timer Updated

Coldreaper a posted Oct 2, 15

Finishing Spawn, Took alittle longer then i had thought. 

I'm working on other things, and trying to make it the best opening it can be. I will be releasing before the timer stops.

I suggest you put into your mc clients and watch this space!

1Money Take your time guys, get everything in place! and if everything is like it was befor then i think everyone is more then ...
sycoshatterzz me rn
rav4066 Take your time Coldreaper. After all we do want this to be like classic revolution, right? ^_^

Release postponed

Coldreaper a posted Sep 30, 15

I've changed the release date, it will be back dated by 24 hours. I will be releasing about 7am my time on this saturday. so about 6pm friday US time.

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