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Timer Updated

Coldreaper ao posted Oct 2, 15

Finishing Spawn, Took alittle longer then i had thought. 

I'm working on other things, and trying to make it the best opening it can be. I will be releasing before the timer stops.

I suggest you put into your mc clients and watch this space!

1Money Take your time guys, get everything in place! and if everything is like it was befor then i think everyone is more then ...
sycoshatterzz me rn ...
rav4066 Take your time Coldreaper. After all we do want this to be like classic revolution, right? ^_^

Release postponed

Coldreaper ao posted Sep 30, 15

I've changed the release date, it will be back dated by 24 hours. I will be releasing about 7am my time on this saturday. so about 6pm friday US time.

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